4 Mobile app development trends 2019 – with compiled statistics from industry

Mobile App Development

Do you know around 205.4 billion apps were downloaded in 2018 & 178.1 billion in 2017? Currently, Google play store houses 8 million apps, Apple app store around 2.2 million, Amazon App store around 600k and Windows store around 669k apps.

These data & stats are clearly predominant to the fact that mobile apps are becoming implicit to the growth & sustainability of commercial businesses. Here in this article, Quantumsoftech as a mobile app development company will guide you towards the latest & brainstorming mobile app development trends that are hard to resist.

1. More &a

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5 incredible features making AngularJS an excellent choice for web development

AngularJS Development Services

Businesses have discovered how important it is to have a personified online image in the form of web apps, websites or applications & have started approaching web development companies to do the deed.

AngularJS by Google is the modern-day & sought-after web framework that is used to make the dynamic & fast loading single page applications. Since this framework is devised by the Google team, the framework has a large online community, is updated time to time with its latest versions & carefully minds the latest development trends penetrating into the market.

Now, in the fol…

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What kind of CMS website healthcare provider/organization should go for?

CMS Development Services

Healthcare sector or organizations are not leaving behind in improving the experience of their patients/viewers digitally. This sector is gradually becoming powered with digitally-supported content, features & tools to take the experience of their online visitors to the next level. How? By making their customized-CMS websites with the help of professional cms development company.

The healthcare organizations who are using conventional websites must be knowing the burden of paying the hosting charges & pain of calling the third-party companies to do the minor changes int…

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