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Try These Tips to Offer the Best Healthcare App Development Services


Healthcare mobile app development is one of the hot topics that have the potential to shape the future of healthcare services. With ever-growing technology and its advancements, healthcare apps are giving life to innovative solutions that were impossible a few years back. As a result healthcare mobility is getting an immense response. In a Mobile Health Survey conducted by a medical publication Physician Practice, it was found out that approx. 76% of respondents admitted using mHealth solutions once in a week. And, 75% of its readers believe that mobile apps can be the future of better healthcare services.

With advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML) and Blockchain technology it has become easy to build healthcare apps. Quantumsoftech being a pioneer healthcare mobile app development company offers the best mobile app development services for the players in the medical industry worldwide. In this article, we have mentioned some tips to ace the healthcare app development.

Tips To Ace Healthcare Mobile App Development

#1 Find a Specific Problem That Needs a Solution

Developing a healthcare app is a critical, time taking and finance draining task. Before hiring healthcare app developers you should know what specific problem you need to solve. There’re different aspects to look for when it comes to healthcare mobility such as workflow process improvement, portals for patient care, management of medical records, appointment booking, self-diagnosis, and nutrition apps name just a few.

Regardless of what you are focusing on you should make sure the healthcare mobile app should show up as a solution for it. Try to tackle a prevalent problem with your app and it will be easier for you to stand tall in the market for a long time.

#2 Know Your Target Audience

After you have found the problem you’re targeting, it’s time for identifying the target market for the same. For example, if you are developing an appointment scheduling app then you should be targeting the demography with hectic schedules such as in-office working personnel. Identifying your target audience is nothing but a competitive advantage in the healthcare industry.  It directly empowers you to optimize your app’s value for the target segment of your market.

 Healthcare mobile application development process gets more smooth and easy after you start getting input from the target audience. This ultimately helps to improve the final product.

#3 Make Your Healthcare App Easily Accessible

Widespread use of your healthcare app depends on how accessible it is for the users. Without taking the correct step, your app might go completely unnoticed by the demography you’re targeting. So you should try to make it accessible in every way for your end-user to find and download your application.

Try to list your app on different platforms (Google Play Store, App Store & Windows App Store). However, if your target group is larger then it is good to get your app on private enterprise app stores that health organizations use.

#4 Incorporating APIs For Better Exchange Of Information

Application Programming Interface (APIs) are the tools, processes or away different components of software interact with each other. These are used by both the advertisers and social networking apps to pass on information continuously. APIs play a key role in healthcare apps by ensuring that the medical records are accessed by the correct users. You should know that every API is not third-party accessible.

#5 Legal Compliance & Security  is Very Important

In the fields of medical or healthcare, apps are falling apart because they fail to comply with legal requirements and security standards. If you have been planning to launch your app, it is really important to comply with the set standards in that specific location.

In the United States, under HIPAA Rules and Regulations medical apps should comply with the same policy. Robust cybersecurity comes along the HIPAA compliant. Besides, there are several practices and tools you can utilize to ensure the safety and privacy of the users.

#6 Design an Alluring User Experience

By any chance, if the usability of your medical app is limiting your users, which eventually is slowing down the traction. Then, the evolution of the outcome becomes a more important part of your app than your user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). In the field of healthcare, both patients and doctors invest plenty amount of time just in data entry.

#7 Thorough Testing of Healthcare App to the Test

It is very crucial that you test your healthcare app multiple times before releasing a stable version of your app. This enables you to work on remaining flaws and errors before your app reaches users’ hands. In addition to that, you will get a chance to understand how well your app is performing on various aspects like cross-platform support, security, scalability and regulation compliance.

It would be a foolish move if you’re releasing an app without testing it thoroughly. Make sure you are evaluating your healthcare mobile app’s performance on the given factors regardless of the mode of testing (auto testing or manual testing).

  • Test security and authenticities (HIPAA compliance, Personally identifiable information (PII), Protected health information (PHI)).
  • Test the accuracy and precision of the geo-location service if your app needs it.
  • Test the app performance with various loads and performance benchmarks.
  • Check the compatibility of the apps by testing it on the various platforms you are planning to release.
  • Try to test your app by simulating real-life experience like network issues and much more.

 Final Words

Concluding, we can say that market need, usability and user-friendliness are the factors that will decide the fate of your healthcare app. If you are looking to build a healthcare app you can consult with Quantumsoftech. With years of experience in this field and experts on-board, we offer the top class healthcare mobile app development services to the clients in need.


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