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Popular Programming Languages Among Mobile App Developers in 2020

Mobile App Development Trends

If you are to join the mobile app development field, then I’m sure you might be worried about which programming language would be the best to start your career with, right? With different coding languages surfacing around, it becomes a lot confusing for a newcomer to choose. There is good news too, as you start your career as a mobile app developer you’ll get to know which language is suitable for you, your career and your interests and your objectives. To be very honest these languages are in use by top mobile app development companies like Quantumsoftech. In this blog, we will be di…

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How Medical Industry is Benefited by Healthcare Mobile App?

Healthcare App Development Company

We all know how frustrating it is to wait in a long queue to get yourself checked up with a qualified doctor. Imagine what it looks like to pay a visit to hospitals and medical clinics years ago, you were likely to see the pale faces of patients waiting for their turn. But, with the intervention of technology in the medical sector, the scenario has changed in many ways. We all know at present healthcare app development has brought a revolution in the working of the healthcare industry.

You can imagine the necessity of a healthcare app by the fact that the healthcare industry is forecasted to become on…

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Android App Development: Top Features and Release Date of Android 11

Android 11 & its Features

As we all know, after the Android 9 Pie launch, Google announced that they will be following the numerical pattern for the future OS versions. That is why after Android 10 which is known as “Android Q” as well, we are here to give you some information on the upcoming Android 11. If you are a regular follower of Android news, then I’m sure that you know that Google has recently released a developer preview of Android 11. This has brought a lot of hustle among different android app development companies around the globe. Google went ahead of its usual year journey, as they released the developer …

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