How enterprises can benefit from cross-platform mobile app development?

Which is the fastest growing industry with launches of daily new apps and new technologies? It’s the mobile app industry. If enterprises or businesses want to inherit the better ROI and engaging business model, they better start moving towards cross-platform mobile app development.

Emerging or disrupting technologies are completely transforming our lives. Mobility solutions are one of the emerging technology that stands responsible for transforming digital touchpoints. That’s one reason why enterprises, brands, startups are slowly delving into mobile app develop…

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8 Essential features for mobile wallet app – by mobile app development company


“As per the Statista reports, the revenue of the global mobile wallet market has increased from 450 billion US dollars to 780 billion US dollars. The experts have predicted that the growth in the revenue collection will be more than 1 trillion in the year 2019 only”- confirmed by the mobile application development company.

So what is the one thing that is dominating the online payment market? It is none other than mobile wallet apps. These apps are rising as they allow easy transactions or e-payments in a hassle-free manner. The apps help to eliminate the long waiting time in the queu…

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Understanding how AngularJS development is a feasible choice for mobile apps

AngularJS is evolving with huge pace, greatly covering the mobile app development landscape. The question arises here is why? It is because AngularJS is a feature-packed JavaScript framework which was developed & launched by Google with a purpose to develop the most simplified & dynamic web apps and also to restructure the JavaScript codes – says AngularJS web development company.

The best part about this language is that it doesn’t require extra source code to write the coding scripts. Quantumsoftech – an AngularJS development company in the following will tell how …

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