iOS App Development – The Future of App Development Industry?


In recent years, iOS app development has come forward as one of the lucrative business in the mobile app development industry. Getting clean chit from the process of scrutiny of an iOS app sent for publication in the app store is quite intense and needs strict adherence to the design and development rules and regulations defined by Apple Inc. This includes every component such as thematic structures, smooth UI/UX and continuity. It is the biggest reason why the top iPhone app development company is very choosy when it comes to hiring an iOS app developer.

However, if the numbers are taken into c…

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7 Major Challenges for iOS App Development Company in 2020


It was predicted that the revolution in the mobile industry will continue to go on with the release of the first-ever iPhone in 2007. Apple targeted tech-savvy millennials as their primary customer-base and as a result, it gained quite a big market share. Thanks to iPhone Craze! As it targets millennials regular update is what is the biggest challenge. With ever-changing technology users now expects something big. As a result, apple keeps on upgrading different features into its devices not only in iPhone but macOS, iPad and several other products. Despite being lashed with different tech…

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6 Security Issues that Need Consideration during Mobile App Development


A number of apps release every single day on the Google Play Store and the fact is most of them carry vital user information. Having user information in it makes these apps more vulnerable to hacker attacks who look for any loophole in apps. If they find one they’re going to hack it and phish user information or implant malware in it. There’re different security concerns that need to be addressed by the mobile app development company in India.

However, several reports have shown that malware detection comes down by 40% as compared to 2017 due to the use of different security features. As a mobi…

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