AngularJS – The Most Popular Framework in 2019


These days we are surrounded by plenty of technologies, as a result, we are experiencing different mobile application development languages. As a commoner, we might have heard these languages – Java, C#, C+, C++, SWIFT, SQL, and much more. Here I’ll be talking about AngularJS. If stats are concerned the most popular framework is AngularJS.

We all know the popularity of the AngularJS framework among JavaScript. If you’re familiar with coding you might know what we are talking about. However, most of you might not be aware of the AngularJS. Sit back and go through the lines, I wi…

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Contribution of Video Conferencing Technology in Healthcare Industry

Video Chat App Development Services

Advancement in technology has been benefiting several industries in the market. Healthcare industry is also experiencing advancement in its operation. Technology-based healthcare solutions are provided by different hospitals and healthcare clinics. In general, Videoconferencing (or video conference) means to conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. Relating the definition in the context of hospitals and healthcare clinics you might understand the whole concept of video conferencing …

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How is Online News Portal Development benefiting the news industry?

As the world is getting towards digitization it is important that every business, every industry must move online. Online News portal plays a key role in educating and informing people with the latest updates, current happenings around the world. Talking about its development, A news portal development company handles all the operations that are about to take place in its development stage. Nowadays, people don’t have sufficient time to read the printed newspaper which covers yesterday’s happening in general, so they are keen always to follow web portals or Electronic Media for get…

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