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Custom Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform mobile app development eradicates the rigidity of mobile apps making them suitable for multiple platform and cost effective for business using technology for speed and accuracy. The developers at Quantumsoftech make the best use of frameworks based on web languages like JavaScript and HTML to develop cross-platform apps.

Cross-platform mobile application development has improved the communication among and uplifted the networking aspect necessary for an app based enterprise. The apps developed using web languages behave in a similar way as the native apps taking full advantage of the platform to support specific features. The advantages of cross-platform development are reliable to use for all industrial to retail-based apps. Our cross-platform developers have hands-on experience on the below-mentioned frameworks.

Our Cross-Platform App Development Services

  • MS application development Framework-based development
    We expertise in various frameworks like Ionic, Xamarian, Phone Gap and React Native. These frameworks provide immediate changes to the mobile apps through SDK.
  • CMS development Plug-in Multi-platform development
    Our codes are flawless when used across multiple platforms. Cross-platform development has the greatest advantage of performing on various platforms.
  • CMS Customisation Cross-platform app migration
    We expertise in the migration of web apps to mobile apps using the best tools available. Migration of web apps to mobile apps.
  • CMS support & maintenance Hybrid app development
    Our successful hybrid applications make us appropriate choice for cross-platform mobile app development.

Technology & Our Expertise

We use latest technology for app development

App Development

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  • Arrow Icon MySQL
  • Arrow Icon Oracle RDBMS
  • Arrow Icon MongoDB
  • Arrow Icon Amazon RDS
  • Arrow Icon OrientDB


  • Arrow Icon IBM
  • Arrow Icon Apache Tomcat
  • Arrow Icon LiteSpeed
  • Arrow Icon Nginx
  • Arrow Icon Tornado

Why choose a cross-platform app Development Company?

Cross-platform app development enables the developers to use the same code for multiple platforms. Our developers invest a good amount of time in making the single code robust and scalable as per the business requirements.

  • Cross-platform app development provides reusable codes and its benefits to avoid repetitive tasks.
  • Mobile app development becomes cost-effective for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Cross-platform is flexible for customization and changing technology.
  • Single code development reduces the time consumed on development. Hence, quick development leading to quick launches of apps.
  • Uniform apps are developed using cross-platform techniques in mobile app development. Apps appear identical over all the platforms.
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