R&D is an integral part at Quantumsoftech




We are an R&D Based IT Solutions Company

We are dedicated to develop solutions for the problems that businesses will be facing in the future. The most ground-breaking technologies of today are Blockchain and Deep Learning. These technologies are already being used to create cutting edge services around the world and we are working towards bringing new solutions to the new world with our revolutionary research.



Blockchain Technology is a decentralised database that allows real-time execution of peer-to-peer contract, by grouping together the transactions in a cryptographically protected block which are then validated in real time.

Deep Learning


Deep Learning Technology is driving the future with innovations ranging from image recognition to self driving cars. The technology is inspired by the human brain, to learn and deliver responses that are computed from various inputs. The technology has been central to the development of Artificial Intelligence and is the driving force behind the humankind's hunt for creating a more efficient and perfect replica of a functional human brain..


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