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Popular Programming Languages Among Mobile App Developers in 2020

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If you are to join the mobile app development field, then I’m sure you might be worried about which programming language would be the best to start your career with, right? With different coding languages surfacing around, it becomes a lot confusing for a newcomer to choose. There is good news too, as you start your career as a mobile app developer you’ll get to know which language is suitable for you, your career and your interests and your objectives. To be very honest these languages are in use by top mobile app development companies like Quantumsoftech. In this blog, we will be discussing the best and in-demand programming languages in the mobile app development industry. Without wasting further time let’s dig into details.

1. Java 

Java is one of the popular and most used programming languages in the mobile app development fraternity. Owned by oracle developed in 1994 by James Gosling, Java is one of the widely used coding languages by the mobile app developers and has the most number of completed open source projects. Many app development companies hire mobile app developers with Java knowledge in a big number. With many valuable features, Java remains one of the popular programming languages in 2020 as well.

2. Kotlin

Younger than Java but pretty efficient than that of course, Kotlin is a statically typed coding language used by mobile app developers these days. This language became very popular among top mobile app development companies as soon as it got released and became one of the best programming languages for android mobile app development in 2019 and continued being best this year too. Having features like interoperability, ability to run on JVM and its versatile front and back end development Kotlin got a huge response by Android app developers. The reason behind its immense popularity is that it offers different functionalities to modern-day mobile app developers which were lacking with Java.

3. Objective-C

Introduced in 1984, Objective-C used to be the primary language before Swift got introduced. Many mobile app development services providers use this programming language because it is an object-oriented language and allows the use of C and C++ while working around it. Objective-C is lashed with features like dynamic typing and message passing between objects which is quite useful for the app developers which has led developers to still stick to this language.

4. C++

Considered among the best mobile app development languages, C++ is the most dynamic and powerful language that was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1985.  This language was used to develop some of the top powerful tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Chrome, Paypal and many others. C++ is used to build cross-platform mobile apps for different platforms like iOS, Windows, and Android. C++ executes the codes super fast which is an ideal sign for low-level programming and is used to build games and high-performance apps.  That’s why a mobile app development company concerned with the development of gaming apps tends to have developers who have mastered C++.

5. JavaScript (JS)

JS was not designed for mobile app development at first. It is one of the languages that control web pages and is run by different browsers. It is well known as a hybrid coding language since it was introduced. In a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, it was found out that JavaScript is the most commonly used language by mobile app developers on this planet and more willing to use it than any other language. JS allows releasing your app to various platforms after you finish coding.

6. Python

At present, Python is being used at a large scale by many mobile app designs and development companies. This language is considered one of the easily readable coding languages in the world. With easy and faster coding options available, app developers widely use Python to develop mobile apps that are capable of running on different operating systems. With growing mobile usage, Python is in high demand in the mobile app development market.

7. Ruby

Ruby is one of the popular and loved programming languages by the back-end developers. This language is similar to PHP and used for the development of web applications across the world. However, when we talk of its significance in mobile app development, it is considered to be the friendliest coding language for those who have started their career in the mobile app development field or say the beginners. This language has a solid developer community support just in case you are facing any trouble, suggestions will come to you from different mediums to assist you. Ruby is said to have a better and understandable syntax which is why most developers like it. Being a backend developing language Ruby on Rails is being widely used by Twitter, Bloomberg, and many more for maintaining their presence over the internet.


So, these were the top languages and are quite popular among the mobile app developers community. These languages have been used to create some of the extraordinary mobile apps and games in the past and are used extensively in the present. With the mobile app development field holding a better future and boom in e-commerce app development, I don’t think these languages will get out of the market anytime soon rather they are getting better and better day-by-day. Just in case you are reading this blog and want a mobile app for your business you can contact Quantumsoftech for the same. With highly experienced mobile app developers on-board we offer the best mobile app development services to different clients across the world.


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