Ways to Slice Down the Cost of Mobile App Development

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We all are aware of the stages of the mobile app development, while maintenance comes at last and is one of the vital things to do after your app is launched. You have passed all the tough phases, marketing has been great and your clients are immensely happy with your work. If you’re thinking here you’re done with the app, then you’re wrong my friend! As I’ve mentioned earlier that maintenance holds its own importance of all the stages of the development.

Post successful development of your mobile app, it is important to maintain your app as well which incurs a significant amount of cost. T…

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How to ace Android app development for larger screen-sized devices?


Android develops different varieties of mobile apps that are not restricted to only small screens, from recently introduced Chromebooks as well as the lightweight Pixelbook Go to multiple devices having different screen sizes. There are almost 175 million Android tabs that have the Google Play Store installed in it. Large-screen devices are likely more engaging and visually impressive than those having small-screen sizes. Different Android app development companies are there who are working for the betterment in the UI & UX of an Android app. These devices give users a faster and m…

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Why AngularJS development is considered one of the best?

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As far as changes are concerned in different versions of a framework, AngularJS is the one that always keeps going round and round in my head. This framework has gone under different changes between several different versions over a period of years. It is so obvious that this has upgraded the quality of the framework which has drastically changed the working of AngularJS these days.

If you’re using AngularJS now, you’ll experience drastic changes in every single component of it. The experimental MVC framework has now been a well supported stable framework. It was launched in 2009 by Goog…

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