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7 Major Challenges for iOS App Development Company in 2020


It was predicted that the revolution in the mobile industry will continue to go on with the release of the first-ever iPhone in 2007. Apple targeted tech-savvy millennials as their primary customer-base and as a result, it gained quite a big market share. Thanks to iPhone Craze! As it targets millennials regular update is what is the biggest challenge. With ever-changing technology users now expects something big. As a result, apple keeps on upgrading different features into its devices not only in iPhone but macOS, iPad and several other products. Despite being lashed with different technology, this stands as a challenge for every iOS app development company out there.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the major challenges that an iOS app development service provider is likely to face in the year 2020.

#1 Poor Battery Life

It is good to have an app developed which is loaded with features, but it can be somewhat tricky because you’re compromising battery life. These features can be a boon and curse at the same time because the stuffed features can exhaust the overall device battery life. This will surely let users uninstall your so-called feature-packed app. For tackling this you need to trade-off between the performance and the battery life of an iOS device. However, they should be in balance else expect losing users gradually.

#2 UI/UX Design

It is not the hidden fact that iOS has the best user experience and clean design concepts. So, an iPhone app development company must keep these things in mind to keep the level intact when it comes to the UI/UX of an app for iOS devices. These companies should ensure that they’re incorporating relevant features that are very important and contributes to the user-friendly experience. In addition to these, having the latest features in your app gives you an edge in this competitive market.

#3 App Security

As we have entered 2020, we need to gear ourselves with solutions to different cybersecurity challenges that might come across during the year. Thanks to the advanced AI and ML technology, hackers are getting more smarter day-by-day. So, if you’re not lashed with robust security features your app will be always on the predators’ sight.

#4 Cross-platform App

There’re different users who don’t restrict themselves to the iOS platform only but are eager to use various operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux, and Mac. They need apps that are well synchronized with most of the devices. Making your app compatible with different devices and the operating systems give you an upper hand over your competitors as well.

#5 Approval of App Store

Currently, there’re about 1.884 million iPOS apps available for download. Considering the strict guidelines to launch an app in the App Store, itis surely a whopping number. Apple has pretty strict and sophisticated guidelines for approving an app to find a place in the App Store. Offering the iPhone app development service gets even tougher as Apple frequently changes its guidelines. A minimum of 4 days is required to get your app approved. Because of this, iOS app development companies should advise their developers to get themselves familiarize with these guidelines.

#6 Memory and Storage Barrier

It is so unfortunate that the iOS devices don’t have a garbage collection function. However, it is available on Android devices. This function is used to identify and discard objects no longer needed by a program so that their resources can be reused. This is why the iPhone app development company in India needs a balance between the performance of their app and memory constraints of the device. Let me tell you it is challenging.

#7 Predict and Work on What’s Next

With ever-changing technology, it seemed almost impossible to future-proof your iOS applications. The only way out is by keeping yourself updated to the latest technological trends to keep your user interested in your app. Make sure your developers are aware of the latest releases of Apple and analyze its product line to predict what’s next in the line.

8: Avoid Rejections

As we know that Apple’s App Store contains more than million of apps that are available for download. This is such a small number if you compare this number with the apps that are not approved or rejected to be the part of the iOS application marketplace. Every marketplace has its own rules and policies and a small rule violation can lead to the rejection of the app.

You know what is more challenging for the providers of iOS app development services is that Apple alters its rules and policies quite frequently to protect the authenticity and reliability of the iOS devices.

Despite everything, it is really essential for iOS app development companies to acknowledge the updated Apple’s guidelines and the latest updates to eliminate the risk of getting rejected after being putting so much of time, money, and effort to create a particular iOS app.

Concluding, we can say as technology continues to take over the mobile industry it is important for you to remain updated about everything. If you are among them who are looking to get their iOS app developed, contact Quantumsoftech today. Hire iPhone developers from our company to give your business idea the best face you could ever ask for. Being a pioneer custom iOS app development company in India, we provide overall iOS app development services to our clients across the globe.


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