Introduction of Free Kotlin Courses for Android Developers by Google



    • In order to help the developer learn Kotlin development, Google has introduced two new courses.
    • Tutorial-based courses “Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers” and “Developing Android apps in Kotlin”.
    • Courses are designed in a way that it helps developers learn Kotlin to create different functional Android applications.

Being a normal reader if you’re reading this you might wonder what is Kotlin and some of you might not know anything about the application development. In case you’re reading as a developer you might be having more than some idea as this topic relat…

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Everything you should know about IoT App development


I have been asked questions related to IoT as I work for an IT company. So, what do you think is IoT? I will explain everything related to IoT in this blog. IoT, an acronym for the Internet of Things. At present, we are experiencing a trend of wearing fitness bands across the world which has made a promising place in the Indian market as well. This is the first example I can give you of IoT device – Fitness Band. I will be explaining you the concept of IoT application development in a very short and sweet manner. Let’s get going!

What is “IoT”?

IoT, an acronym for Internet of  Things is a very g…

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 PHP frameworks widely in use in 2019


PHP an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor which is extensively used worldwide and allows to develop web applications that are complex in nature. It is widely used server-side programming languages used by developers around the world. A fact that it is an open-source programming language it is easily accessible in public domain which has also contributed to its popularity. It is indeed a very simple and understandable language that is very easy to learn which adds a plus point to the beginners in the development field.

There’re several PHP development companies in India which are provid…

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