iOS App Development – The Future of App Development Industry?


In recent years, iOS app development has come forward as one of the lucrative business in the mobile app development industry. Getting clean chit from the process of scrutiny of an iOS app sent for publication in the app store is quite intense and needs strict adherence to the design and development rules and regulations defined by Apple Inc. This includes every component such as thematic structures, smooth UI/UX and continuity. It is the biggest reason why the top iPhone app development company is very choosy when it comes to hiring an iOS app developer.

However, if the numbers are taken into consideration, Android apps are way ahead than the iOS app but when it comes to revenue earned iOS platform surpasses the Android platform. The enthusiasm associated with iOS app development is because of the revenue it yields. This is why developers are driven towards the iOS platforms as a result, iOS app development is becoming the next big thing in the mobile app industry. In this article, you will get to know every reason that is propelling iOS app development towards a grand success.

Key Reasons Behind the Future Dominance of iOS App Development

#1 Effective use of Swift Language

As we all know, the core thing of an app is the code that a developer writes. If your code is weak, your app is weak it is as simple as that. Swift, one of the most popular programming languages used by iOS app developers. This language has held the hands of the iOS platform for a long time now. Sift is known for delivering the best result with minimal coding.

#2 It’s Faster to Build an iOS Apps

According to different surveys, it was found out that building an iOS app is comparatively 20-30% less time consuming than building an Android app. Another reason behind the fast iOS app building place is because of its closed ecosystem ad limited versions and devices, however, standardization laid down by Apple also contributes, while this lacks in the case of the Android platform.

#3 iOS App Development Cost

We can’t determine the cost of or budget of any project because it is dependent solely upon its overall scope and complexity. The bigger and more complex projects more will be the budget or cost associated with it. For providing iOS app development service, a service provider should know the requirements of their clients. This is so because their requirement decides what price you are going to quote.

#4 Ease in Maintenance of an App by Regular Upgradation

It is quite tough to ensure the compatibility of your app with the platform due to countless device resolutions and screen sizes. iPhone app development service providers ensure releasing different updates by resolving issues caused by bugs and crashes for users the iPhone users all around the globe. Statistics suggest that Android users take more time to adopt newer versions of OS but iOS users are just opposite, they try to keep their devices up to date.

#5 Use of High-quality Emulators Brings Out Impressive Experience of iOS Apps

With the help of emulators, the whole functionality of mobile app development becomes more intuitive and interactive. Emulators are attractions that can keep the app users hooked. This is one of the reasons why emulators are always in demand and have greater importance. If compared with the other operating systems, iOS emulators considerably give faster results and offer greater support. This makes iOS emulators one of a kind that helps developers in speeding up their app development process and deliver before the scheduled time-frame.

#6 User Loyalty

This is one of the vital metrics to judge Android development and iOS development. From time to time, it is seen that iPhone owners show more loyalty than Android owners. In a recent survey, it was found that 92% of iPhone users admitted that they would buy Apple devices only in the long term as well.


Whether you choose an Android platform or iOS platform, that’s solely your choice but you need to dig in more about these platforms before making any decisions. Make sure you keep the app requirements in mind while providing iPhone app development services or Android.


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