Ways to Slice Down the Cost of Mobile App Development

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We all are aware of the stages of the mobile app development, while maintenance comes at last and is one of the vital things to do after your app is launched. You have passed all the tough phases, marketing has been great and your clients are immensely happy with your work. If you’re thinking here you’re done with the app, then you’re wrong my friend! As I’ve mentioned earlier that maintenance holds its own importance of all the stages of the development.

Post successful development of your mobile app, it is important to maintain your app as well which incurs a significant amount of cost. The maintenance services are provided by different mobile app development companies across India. Lack of mobile app maintenance can be a major reason behind its failure.

While developing an app you’d be aware of the fact that publishing app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store is not the end of the story for your application. There’s much more for you to do with your app post-launch. You won’t be happy although you get hundreds and thousands of downloads. In these platforms, your app is competing among thousands of other apps with similar features. Your app needs to be unique to stand out against the rest of the apps.

The Daily Active Users or DAU of the application characterizes the number of application installs and the clients who visit once again. Then again, Monthly Active User or MAU offers similar insights yet on a month to month basis and both of these components should be exceptional for effective application endurance.

Calculation of Maintenance Cost of a Mobile App

While calculating the cost of the maintenance of the app, several factors need to get addressed which I’ve mentioned below:

  • In any event, when an application is distributed, it has a progressing cost that the developer needs to incur other than the development of the application.
  • In this way, the extra cost goes into making new content, following how your application is performing, and clients should be informed about the new updates.
  • Offering every service to the clients would ask for an extra cost.

What do you think of the cost to build an app?

If you’re still figuring out, “how much will it cost to build an app?” then here is your answer:

  • The genuine response to this inquiry relies upon the build (application development) the administration is utilizing.
  • You can likewise get the developers at a cheaper cost, which is another worry.
  • The thumb rule says the forthright cost of keeping up with the maintenance of the application is 20% of the all-out cost of development.
  • That implies if your application’s all-out the cost is $100,000, you are required to spend about $20,000 every year to keep up to maintain it.
  • Furthermore, when you are spending on the application promoting methodologies, it will also get added to the cost of maintenance.

If that sounds a lot of money to you we’ve some measures that will help you to cut down the cost of mobile app maintenance.

Slicing the Cost of Mobile App Development

There are several factors that influence the cost of app development, however, developers can bring down the cost on their own.

1. Investing in the right platform

There are mainly two types of platforms available for the development of an application mentioned below, from which you’re free to choose anyone:

  • Native app development
  • Hybrid app development

Native development gets an application that is stable enough for the clients and has better access to the resources of the smartphone,  which implies it will perform quicker and will feel lighter on your cell phone. When contrasted with web applications, such services can be more authentic when we talk about its features and functionality.

One of the best solutions would be investing in a hybrid application as it combines the best native apps and offers the best services that an HTML5 offers.

2. Inclusion of features that’s useful for users

As per surveys, it has been concluded that users only use 45% of an app’s features and thus, it is wise to invest in those components which they are very likely to use. This will help you to cut down the app development cost as you’re getting precise with the components which users actually love to use.

This is possible only if you regularly take feedback from the app users. It is very important for the developers to serve users with what they are asking.

The Conclusion

The application development and maintaining the cost of an application are unavoidable. You can’t stay away from it yet there are measures that can assist you with limiting the cost of the app development. We already have gone through the maintenance cost issue in the upper paragraphs and think of some measures that you can consider in case you are willing to build up your very own application.

Consider not paying extra cost. For the same, you need to prepare your mobile applications with some of the magnificent elements. Here are some of the pointers you need to consider.

  • Select a platform to answer users’ demand
  • Include the required functionality only
  • Invest in-app maintenance by hiring the right resources for the same
  • Listen to the feedback and do include the same

By keeping all the above-mentioned bullet points into the mind, you can easily cut down the expense.

Apart from all these points, you can also go with mobile app development service providers to get yourself assisted in maintaining your app. Quantumsoftech is a next-gen quality-led mobile application development company dealing in extensive types of operating systems – Android & iOS. Have a team of technocrats who are adept in preparing & launching the exemplary yet technologically smart mobility solutions for the variant business type.


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