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Point Of Sale system – A new trend to excel in your business

A point of sale software typically includes a cash register (which in recent times comprises a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display, and a barcode scanner) and the majority of retail POS systems also include a debit/credit card reader. Quantumsoftech is a company which develops POS software applications which have come across and helps businesses to gain rapid growth. POS software has made the tasks look very easy and without using any human intelligence. It has made lives more predictable.

The apparel industry has grown from $1000 Billion USD in 2008 to $1200 Billion USD in just a span of 5 years. Normally all the big and medium-sized apparel stores are in regular usage of this software. This Point Of Sale software is normally installed at the transaction point in any retail store. This enables it to facilitate a smooth billing process. The major reason why the customer does not entertain street shopping is for a hassle-free billing process and a transparent one too. Now as per the advancing trends, technology is trying to shift the businesses from traditional magnetic stripes to more secure mobile payments.

What makes of Point Of Sale software an ultimate tool?

Technology advancement has created immense opportunity for humans to de-stress itself from many day-to-day tasks which otherwise were quite hefty. A Supermarket with POS software provides them with this joy of purchasing. It’s a combination of Hardware and Software installation that allows vendors to accept the card payments. Some of the features listed below make POS software a great tool for retail business.

Multiple payment methods/split payments: A POS allows you to take mobile payments going beyond the traditional method of transacting through cash. You will be able to split a payment in case a customer wants to spread their payment across a few gift cards as well as cash.

Returns, refunds and store credit features: A store’s return policy can be vital to its growth and success, as consumers prefer stores with shopper-friendly policies. POS system can help you create the ideal return policy for your store by providing you with flexible options to return items.

Customer-facing display: Customer facing displays allows customers a high level of transparency while transacting and makes easy for them to point out if there is an error in the order before it is placed.

Barcodes: The barcode allows the inventory system to know exactly where the item is placed your system. Barcodes will help in knowing the status of the inventory present in the stock.

Searchable customer database: The POS system allows to identify the customer data or search them for the business purpose.

Employee reporting: So, who do you think is your top performing associate, not sure? POS will help you to track the performance of your employees.

With the growing usages of Smartphone, technology has further pushed the POS use, especially so in the retail stores. Retailers are trying to be in-line with the technology and are adopting the POS payment methodology as it derives several advantages for a business.

POS software is majorly bifurcated into three regions. Software, Product and the end-user. the software can be either a cloud-based or Native. In the product segment, one can use either a Mobile device or a Terminal as a POS. The end-user segment is the place where a POS is installed and being used.

Benefits of adding POS to your business

1- Point of sale system simplifies the accounting processes now you don’t need to hire a number of accountants to maintain thousands of transactions.

2- It makes it easy for you to look up past transactions.

3- By using POS you can automate the ordering process

4- Point of sale system is a faster way to authorize the transactions.

5- Customers can receive a more detailed receipt of the items they have purchased just because of this system.

6- Point of sale system eliminates the chances of errors as the software has built-in checks to ensure that the information entered is accurate and correct.

The most revolutionary fact came when Walmart partnered with Microsoft in 2018 for there cloud-based usage for its day to day POS operation. Apart from the apparel industry, there is a massive boom seen in the healthcare industry. An AI( Artificial Intelligence) based POS system is been devised to help their staffs to offer personalized services and to boost their productivity. This propels a huge investment in IT sector, predominantly in the US.

Quantumsoftech is a tech-driven company which develops POS software which aids supermarket and retail store owners to grow their business. We deliver quality product/services according to the requirement of a business.

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