4 reasons how Blockchain technology will support the mobile app development

Blockchain Technology

“As per the sources, the market value of blockchain industry is expected to touch $60 billion by the end of 2020”.

This groundbreaking technology has started penetrating deep into the market in the form of mobile app development primarily because it can keep any form of complex data as secure & sound. The giants like Facebook, Microsoft, L.G have started integrating this technology into their venture to reap security & the easy processes.

Before moving ahead to learn about the benefits of this technology in mobile app development, let’s go through its meaning first in de…

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4 Reasons why businesses must have PHP web development for their web needs

PHP Development Services

They say around “83% of all web pages are written in PHP”

With the constant improvement in the versions & framework of PHP, the PHP development is eventually growing and becoming major for the websites or e-commerce solutions. Every website script is getting written in this language since it is versatile & home to some happening features.

Quantumsoftech being a PHP development company knows all the right reasons why web pages & applications development via this PHP language is a must to have for businesses looking for speedy & functional web solutions.

Let’s lo…

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