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How enterprises can benefit from cross-platform mobile app development?

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Which is the fastest growing industry with launches of daily new apps and new technologies? It’s the mobile app industry. If enterprises or businesses want to inherit the better ROI and engaging business model, they better start moving towards cross-platform mobile app development.

Emerging or disrupting technologies are completely transforming our lives. Mobility solutions are one of the emerging technology that stands responsible for transforming digital touchpoints. That’s one reason why enterprises, brands, startups are slowly delving into mobile app development solutions.

Before starting with the cross-platform apps – enterprises need to move with two questions – first, what segment will be considered as their target audience? Second, what type of mobile app they would want to start with?

Businesses now need an app that can run glitch-free on multiple platforms and this is the reason why app development companies that construct cross-platform apps are an ideal solution in today’s time.

Key benefits of having the cross-platform/multiple platform apps

1. An app that looks similar to native apps

  • With advanced tools & functionalities, it gets easy to build cross-platform apps that look similar to native apps.
  • Thus, it delivers an app that functions & behaves like native-one.

2. Minimum development cost

  • The cross-platform apps are designed on the concept of “write once, run everywhere”.
  • The app allows easy allocation of reusable codes & agile methodology which ultimately helps in reducing the development costs.
  • If your business is looking for an instant way to be on multiple digital touchpoints but with the cost-effective approach, there is nothing cost-effective than hybrid app development – says cross-platform mobile app development company.

3. Easy to maintain & deploy

  • Since there is only one app – made to run on multiple platforms, it gets easy to make necessary changes or adjustments inside such an app.
  • Changes or updates in the single source code can be synced over all the platforms & devices, which happens to save cost & time.
  • A bug or error in the common codebase needs to be fixed once only and its results will reflect inside the entire app model – says cross-platform development service providers.

4. Codes written once don’t go obsolete, instead can be reused

  • Developers during the process need not come up with new codes each time as they can repeat or reuse the same set of codes.
  • This part saves time & escapes from the risk of devising the exhaustive & repetitive codebase.

5. Are easy to integrate with cloud settings

  • Cross-platform apps are compatible with any platform and thus offers integration of its plugins with cloud settings.
  • The single source-code can be coordinated with different plug-ins and extensions to bring in effect scalable & functional apps – says cross-platform development company.

6. Maximized reach to the target audience

  • By building the cross-platform apps, one can deploy it on various platforms even including the web.
  • It’s a single app that targets both the set of platforms i.e. Android & iOS and thus increases the reach of the app towards its targetted audience.

7. Development process gets fast

  • Cross-platforms churns out a faster development process and is a favourable option for those who are looking for faster outputs.
  • As the apps don’t require repetitive or new codebase, it gets easier to save 50-80% efforts of developers to build a feature-rich and functional app in no time.
  • It’s easy to meet the deadline requirements of firms as the output generated under single codebase is quick & effective.

8. Easy to customize and ready-to-market approach

  • Cross-platform app development runs on the function “write once, run everywhere”.
  • This concept allows development companies to deploy the results faster and reduces the time-to-market (TTM) of the product launch.
  • Also, if the ventures at some point want to tweak or modify the codebase, it’s easy to do so in the single code.
  • Which helps in delivering the products faster, swiftly and in a more engaging way than the competitors.

9. Offers design & experience that’s uniform

  • It often gets hard to build an app for different platforms with different user experience.
  • With cross-platform app development, it is easy to build apps for different platforms with uniform UX & UI elements, that users or audience can enjoy – believes cross-platform mobile app development agencies.

Few challenges that are restricting the full potential growth of cross-platform mobile apps:

  • The technologies have made the multiple-platform app more adaptable, powerful & flexible over time but these are the few challenges that are stopping them from reaching their full potential.
  • If the ventures or firms houses a lot of corporate, personal or user’s data, then cross-platform may not be the right choice in terms of security aspects.
  • Performance-related glitches or issues can lead to poor user experience.
  • There may be performance issues as the multiple-platform app may not find equilibrium with the components of native and non-native gadgets or devices.

But these challenges are negligible in front of the advantages that this app type offers and developers need to make sure of the device type & performance features to result in best selling mobile apps.

Summing up!

Businesses of today need to move with software solutions that are advanced, fast & agile, therefore, Quantumsoftech is extending one of its branches as cross-platform app development company to deliver clean and compact coded web technology-based hybrid apps.

Building smart, performance-seeking and protocol stacked hybrid app solutions in quicker time-frame and allocated budget.

Ready to see your app idea turning into revenue-generating mobile apps? Call us for a quick tour of our services.


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