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How SEO Companies are Helping Businesses Amid COVID-19?


There’s nothing new to tell you that we all are facing a global pandemic caused by a tiny virus named Corona that has emerged out of the meat market of Wuhan in China and has gradually spread from person to person across the world resulting in thousands of deaths till date. Most of the countries are lockdown to prevent this disease from spreading. Businesses are shut, top organizations are shut, the government of different countries has strictly ordered people to remain indoors.

Business owners are in a dilemma of how to take care of the business effectively in these hard times when the global market is at crisis. That’s why search engine optimization service providers are working day and night taking care of your business to let your business remain stable in the online market. In mid of all these situations, SEO agencies ensure your business remains stable online. Before going further, let’s take a look at how your business should respond to this pandemic.

Responding to the Coronavirus outbreak

The foremost thing you can do is to hire SEO experts to build a solid strategy revolving around COVID-19. This will enable you to communicate with your current as well as potential customers through your website, social media, and e-mails by giving them regular updates. Now, let’s get back on how SEO companies in India like Quantumsoftech are dealing with digital marketing amid the outbreak of Coronavirus.

It is no doubt that in the given situation everyone is scared, business owners and employees are battling for keeping up with the business they’re associated with. While some businesses like e-commerce sites and grocery stores are booming. You need to know that your online presence matters the most now as it was before. People are searching the internet with terms like “where to find groceries” and “restaurants still open”. You should know regardless of any business you’re in, it would be a foolish move not to start SEO. Without SEO, no one is likely to find you in the world of the internet.

You might be wondering I am a fool to talk about SEO role in your business during this pandemic, but with all other companies halting the ads and opting out the marketing contract papers, you have a better chance to get your brand name out there and promote it uniquely. With everyone pulling out paid ads, organic reach is what your SEO experts focus on.

Things SEO Experts Work on to Make Your Online Presence Stable

1. Work on the User Experience of Your Website

We all know what is the work of a search engine, they are there to show the most relevant and best results for the user’s query. Let me tell you if your site is not of high-quality, then your website bounce rate may increase aggressively resulting in a stop of visitors. SEO experts you’ve hired can work with UI/UX team to make your website more engaging for the users giving them the best user experience.

2. Optimizing the Voice Search

Yes, you read it right, these days users are less likely to type their query rather using voice search to find answers to their queries. This can be done by curating content with long-tail keywords because people tend to ask a full-fledged question that the text search. For example, if I have to search by typing I would search “symptoms of corona” but will likely search for “what are the possible symptoms of COVID-19 disease?”

3.Work on a Variety of Backlinks

We all know how important backlinks are. As per Google, links are still the number 1 players to rank your website on search engines. But website optimization services provider work on only those links which are authentic because all links are not good links. Some links are easily spammed and don’t work anymore and can be harmful to your site. And I don’t think your SEO expert will be working on those links which are harmful to your site amid all the crisis going on.

4. Technical Optimization

Experts work on technical SEO to hold your website a solid grip of the ranking and even taking it up higher. They work around different methods like switching to HTTPS, enabling AMP for Mobile, correcting your schema markups, fixing all the “page not found” errors.

Wrapping Up

You should understand hard times don’t last long, and we can overcome this disease by keeping ourselves isolated. So, why don’t you leave all your online presence worries on us? With all these different methods and many more not mentioned here, Quantumsoftech is working for the betterment of different businesses in the country and abroad. So, make sure that you’re staying at your home and we will work for you remotely to strengthen your online presence.


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