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How is Online News Portal Development benefiting the news industry?

As the world is getting towards digitization it is important that every business, every industry must move online. Online News portal plays a key role in educating and informing people with the latest updates, current happenings around the world. Talking about its development, A news portal development company handles all the operations that are about to take place in its development stage. Nowadays, people don’t have sufficient time to read the printed newspaper which covers yesterday’s happening in general, so they are keen always to follow web portals or Electronic Media for getting the latest news.

With Electronic media, there is a certain problem possibility like costing charge of getting your news channel ON AIR is much higher, and everyone can’t be in front of Television set always, however they can access their mobile, social sites, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. so that they keep themselves updated very fast and less time-consuming methods. Online News Website and social media can give the fastest and reliable news Updates. Now every publisher has their web identity with the name of News portals.

Importance of a news portal

Reading the news online saves plenty of your time, whereas supplying you with the updates of the day. It conjointly saves cash, that you’d otherwise pay on a bundle of newspaper. Also, you would like to watch your tv or listen to the radio; you’ll leaf through the news portal and gather the data needed even whereas you’re within the workplace. An online news portal solves several purposes:

  • News portals give the information in the public interest – political, social, sports, entertainment etc.
  • Latest and reliable news from all over the globe.
  • Ease of accessibility.
  • Access of news as per the interest.
  • Live coverage of Cricket matches and other sports etc.
  • A reader can easily give his/her comments on any issue.
  • Minute-to-minute coverage of any breaking news.
  • Exclusive videos of breaking news.
  • Pictures of specials news events.

In addition, online news portals supply mobile updates and alerts on your mobile, that is in relation to the innovation. News portal helps you to deliver the most recent headlines, breaking news and front-page news right before of you at any point of time.

Facts and Figures

As online news portals have digitized the operations of many so-called “legacy” news organizations (those that originated in print or broadcast), this audience section presents data about digital-native news publishers – those originally founded on the internet.

The average number of monthly unique visitors for the digital-native news outlets with the highest traffic.

With such a huge number of consumers of online news, any news agency would love to move online with their news and serve a huge number of viewers. The online news portal has been in trend since last 5-6 years. The best part of online news portals is that it has a customized news feature. It’ll enable you to urge all the news that you just need in an exceedingly easy kind, tailored to fit your specifications and needs. you’ll be able to get examination news, news associated with the entertainment and technology world etc. this can be one feature that no alternative medium offers. The online archives today are more interactive, less hassle and less expensive at the same time.

Having said that there’re a lot of challenges a news portal has to face these days. Some challenges faced by news agencies are listed.

    • The biggest challenge of a new portal going online is the camaraderie between the Journalists and the audience who reads it.
    • The stinger who does a news operation has to edit the news in terms of infographics so that the audiences spend less time understanding the whole idea.
    • The audiences browse numerous news portals at one go and to make them stagnant on a particular page is a herculean task, which needs a lot of appealing content and design.
    • Its an intrinsic nature of readers to compare two news portals and their online contents of similar news. A same pattern of news should be made more alluring and captivating with various technologies being used. A portal lacking them would be struggling to get audiences.
    • An online news portal has a limited audience as it runs solely on the Internet, which isn’t yet prevalent in Tier 2 & 3 cities. This makes it more prone to stiff competition and business-driven classifieds and adverts are its sole mode to keep the cash registers ringing. This business-oriented approach needs a more dynamic handling process.

At present, there are different news portal development company that provides news portal development services to different new agencies. Quantumsoftech is a news portal development company that facilitates news portal development, news website designing and much more. We develop news portal according to the business requirements of business by valuing their ideas and beliefs. We have developed two news portals which are working great namely City Khabar and Naya India.


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