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I have been asked questions related to IoT as I work for an IT company. So, what do you think is IoT? I will explain everything related to IoT in this blog. IoT, an acronym for the Internet of Things. At present, we are experiencing a trend of wearing fitness bands across the world which has made a promising place in the Indian market as well. This is the first example I can give you of IoT device – Fitness Band. I will be explaining you the concept of IoT application development in a very short and sweet manner. Let’s get going!

What is “IoT”?

IoT, an acronym for Internet of  Things is a very generic term which indicates the connection of all sorts of devices with the help of the internet and allows them to exchange information between each other. Thanks to Kevin Ashton who popularized this concept.

Quantumsoftech, being a pioneer IoT app development company that offers IoT development services all around the world to its clients. We all know the importance of the internet these days. Knowing this fact every industry in the market is using IoT to reduce human effort and easing the day to day operations. It allows them to understand their customers which leads to taking proper business decisions. This allows increasing business effectiveness and value in the market.

IoT has evolved from the infusion of wireless technologies, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microservices and the internet. The unification has helped to bifurcate the understanding of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), which enables unstructured machine-generated data which is analyzed for insights to bring out some improvements.

How IoT actually works?

Actually, it’s not your fault, I won’t blame you on this. I don’t accuse you. Albeit, a speedy Google search will turn up loads of articles and posts clarifying what the Internet of Things is and its numerous potential advantages, but it generally doesn’t clarifies the working or say the process of Internet of Things.

This is because there are much more technical terms used in those articles/blogs. Here I’m going to explain using non-technical terms which is quite easy for you


An IoT framework comprises of sensors/gadgets which “talk” to the cloud through some sort of availability. When the information gets to the cloud, programming forms it and after that may choose to play out an activity, for example, sending an alert or consequently modifying the sensors/gadgets without the requirement for the client.

Be that as it may if the user input is required or if the user needs to monitor the framework, a UI enables them to do so. Any modifications or activities that the user makes are then sent the other way through the framework: from the UI to the cloud, and back to the sensors/gadgets to make some sort of progress.

Benefits are drawn towards the business by IoT Solutions

The benefits of having an IoT system in your business is not a myth anymore. It is hailed by many as the most promising technology of all time. There’re several IoT application development service providers which try to provide solutions for the problems of the businesses. Here are some benefits which are drawn by the IoT Solutions in a business scenario.

  • Operating costs get reduced: IoT solutions aid firms to cut down the operating costs by adding competitive advantages for the business. IoT devices can be used to monitor several things on the production line.
  • Improve workplace safety: IoT devices allow employees to work in a risk-free environment or say workplace which enhances overall security. Comparatively smaller business can use CCTV cameras for surveillance purpose every time which enables security of several assets in office premises.
  • Improves productivity & enhances efficiency: For every business, the main priority is the maximization of productivity at the same time enhancing the efficiency to ensure regular profitable business. This is allowed by IoT gadgets presented in the manufacturing department in an organization which can efficiently manage the various stages of production.
  • Knowing customer behavior: Understanding customer preferences is the key to the success of any business, especially if we’re talking about the retail sector. With IoT, businesses will be able to collect, monitor and analyze data from video surveillance, social media, mobile and internet usage which helps them in knowing the consumer behavior.

Usage of IoT applications

Applicability of the IoT application is much more variant than we expect. It is used in different sectors:

  • Home & Building Automation
  • Smart Energy
  • Multimedia
  • Security and safety
  • Industrial M2M communication

Uses of IoT

Applicability of IoT devices in different sectors has made it a popular choice among different businesses to automate the whole processing around the workplace.

Concluding, Quantumsoftech is one of the most trusted IoT development companies across the world.  We are constantly working on establishing communication between the IoT app development and the devices around. We offer flexible IoT app development services which help businesses to grow more in the potential market.

Hire us to change your imagination into reality.


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