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Contribution of Video Conferencing Technology in Healthcare Industry

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Advancement in technology has been benefiting several industries in the market. Healthcare industry is also experiencing advancement in its operation. Technology-based healthcare solutions are provided by different hospitals and healthcare clinics. In general, Videoconferencing (or video conference) means to conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. Relating the definition in the context of hospitals and healthcare clinics you might understand the whole concept of video conferencing in the healthcare industry.

Applications of Videoconferencing in the healthcare sector

If you think video conferencing technology is only benefiting the businessmen, you need to think again. In recent times, technology has widened its benefits to the healthcare sector. Videoconferencing technology enables one to confer with physicians across the globe, several hospitals have improved their quality of health services to their patients through this technology. Let’s dive deep into the applications of this technology.

Remote monitoring of illness

Patients who have been discharged but need continuous monitoring can be benefitted vigorously from this technology. By the help of video conferencing, healthcare personnel can keep a close eye on patients with complex medical conditions. They can even visualize important data on the screen at the same time talking with the patients over the video call.

Improves the quality of the healthcare

With this technology, doctors can treat and take care of the patients from rural areas who don’t have access to the hospital or distance/lack of transportation is a barrier for them. The use of video conferencing app Skydoc from Quantumsoftech allows patients to interact with the concerned doctors with the touch of a button.

Enhanced medical training

With the help of video conferencing feature, it has been quite easier to conduct any medical training. Professional trainers and trainees can interact with each other through this. The most beneficial outcome of such training is that doctors can receive fresh ideas from other medical practitioners, discussing chronic conditions, and much more.

Staff Communication

Communication in healthcare centers or hospitals is the most vital tool in order to keep the quality of health services at its best. The clinical staff are now using video conferencing capabilities to communicate without having to move from one compartment to the other.

Introduction of video conferencing in healthcare is beneficial

The healthcare sector is getting benefited by the introduction of video conferencing. Not only it benefits doctors and healthcare staff but patients as well. Advantages of this technology in the healthcare industry are mentioned for your reference.

Reduced time and cost

It is considered as the topmost advantages of this technology in the healthcare sector. Tech-advancement is leaving its footprints in the healthcare industry in recent times. It allows the physicians to save a good amount of time as well as cost. They needn’t travel from one town to another to check the patients living there.

Helps in serving more patients

With the help of videoconferencing technology, doctors can serve more patients than usual. It allows group viewing of patients which helps in serving more than one patient at a time.

Remote Support

Medical practitioners can assist the people of rural areas in health services. Patients who are denied to avail health services due to transportation/distance barrier can get those patients covered through this technology.

Security at its peak

In the era of the digital world, security is something which is a very important aspect for the healthcare industry with any kind of technology they involve themselves with. With video conferencing, communication like hospital’s privacy, data, research, etc. is secured. But, here the hospital or doctor needs to find the right video conferencing solution.

Quantumsoftech has landed its foot in the healthcare industry by launching a healthcare application named Sky Doc. Sky Doc a video conferencing application developed by a team of experts of Quantumsoftech. It allows users/patients to communicate with doctors available at that point in time. Quantumsoftech is a tech-driven video conferencing app development company that provides end-to-end web conferencing solutions as per the client’s business requirements.


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