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How to ace Android app development for larger screen-sized devices?


Android develops different varieties of mobile apps that are not restricted to only small screens, from recently introduced Chromebooks as well as the lightweight Pixelbook Go to multiple devices having different screen sizes. There are almost 175 million Android tabs that have the Google Play Store installed in it. Large-screen devices are likely more engaging and visually impressive than those having small-screen sizes. Different Android app development companies are there who are working for the betterment in the UI & UX of an Android app. These devices give users a faster and m…

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 PHP frameworks widely in use in 2019


PHP an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor which is extensively used worldwide and allows to develop web applications that are complex in nature. It is widely used server-side programming languages used by developers around the world. A fact that it is an open-source programming language it is easily accessible in public domain which has also contributed to its popularity. It is indeed a very simple and understandable language that is very easy to learn which adds a plus point to the beginners in the development field.

There’re several PHP development companies in India which are provid…

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Blockchain Technology – Future Market Giant

Blockchain Development Services

If you’re a person related anyway with banking, investing or cryptocurrency sector, you must be familiar with “Blockchain” word. Blockchain can be simply defined as the record-keeping technology behind the bitcoins but it is a vague topic to talk on. Searching somewhere in search engines a common definition pops up quoting “blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, public ledger”.

If blockchain is that vague, then you might think, where can I get comprehensive information regarding this topic? Sit back and keep your eyes on the screen. First, take a look at the infogra…

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