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Booking apps are the ultimate tools for cab aggregators. Here’s why?

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We have been witnessing the growth in each and every sector of the travel industry whether it’s railways, airways and roadways and how it has been evolved with time. Here, we are specifically talking about mobile applications being used by cab aggregators to excel their day to day operations.

Quantumsoftech is a travel technology solutions-driven company, which provides mobile cab booking app to its clients, which helps cab aggregators grow their business online. As a matter of fact, India is currently experiencing a major revolution in the cab booking sector.

Cab services applications is a modern-day technology which helps people to cope up with day to day transportation-related problems. Uber and Ola are the most popular cab booking companies known for their services all over India, however, Uber has expanded its footprints in the international market.

There are a number of issues faced by common people when it comes to travel, some of us don’t have our own vehicles and others don’t want to travel through public transport like buses, autos etc. whereas independent taxi owners ask higher fare compared to other transports. To eliminate these daily life issues, cab aggregators have introduced apps which aims to relieve people facing the issues mentioned above. The mobile apps for cab booking help riders facilitating easy to book, cheap and pleasant taxi rides with the use of smartphones.

Top 6 features of Cab Booking Applications

1. The vehicle tracking system (GPS): The driver and the customer can track each other simultaneously using the tracking feature provided in a cab booking app as well as tracking an ongoing trip.

2. Rate Card (An Advanced estimate of the Ride Fare): This feature allows the riders to have an advanced estimation of how much the ride would cost them and allows them to plan the ride accordingly.

3.  Automated e-receipts and In-app Payment Feature: The In-app payment provides a better way to pay for services since customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, a person can take a cab ride without carrying hard money.

4.  Review and Rating: After a user has completed a ride, they can give feedback on how their experience was and how would they recommend the driver to other users.

5. Flexible vehicle options: Suppose a rider books a cab and a driver who is initially assigned to him/her would cancel the booking for some reason, he/she will be assigned a new driver, who would resume the journey with him/her.

6. Carpooling: Carpooling is a car-sharing service so that more than one person can travel in the same car. By having more people using one vehicle, carpooling reduces each person’s travel costs.

Benefits of the cab booking application

A mobile cab booking app is the best tool which allows cab aggregators to compete in the market. Introduction of booking app is not only beneficial for customers but also for the businesses itself. Here’s how businesses are befitted:

    • Cab booking apps helps businesses to grow by drawing in more passengers
    • Owners can keep track of each car with GPS location
    • Cab booking apps are necessary for any cab fleet to survive in today’s world
    • It provides reports on transactions and other analytics for better overview and control

“Cab booking businesses once gets integrated with the application, approach more potential customers than the others” – says a mobile app development company official.

Quantumsoftech is a competitive generation-led mobile application development company delivering the quality of services in the field of cab booking with the help of simplified UI & UX and customized components. We provide our clients with cab services application. We as a travel app development service provider, offer our customers with quality products and services. Our skillful cab booking developers not only develop the quality product but share client’s passion and values.

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