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Beta 6 update launched, official Android Q on the way!

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Android Q is about to release officially in a week or so. Beta 6, the last Beta update was released on 7th of August 2019. As of now, the platform is getting ready all the apps before they bring in the official release. It is considered as the final polish to the platform. Apps associated with this platform can grab this opportunity to complete the testing and publish their app updates as soon as possible in order to provide users with a sleek transition towards Android Q.

The Android Q beta 6 is now available for Pixel phones however, you can enroll for the beta 6 here. Google quoted that if you are on Beta 5, you’ll automatically get the new beta update as soon as possible.

What really is in Beta 6 update?

The newly arrived Beta 6 update is packed with the latest Android Q system images for Pixel and Android Emulator, the final API 29 SDK, and updated build tools for Android Studio. Beta 6 is a combination of all the features, system behaviors, and developer APIs that you will probably find in the latest platform, so it provides you with everything you need in order to get ready with your apps. For users, Beta 6 is converged with different new fixes and optimizations.

The platform has further made different changes in the Gesture Navigation in the latest Beta 6 updates based on feedback received through the users. First, to ensure reliable and consistent operation, there’s a 200dp vertical app exclusion limit for the Back gesture. Second, the addition of a sensitivity preference setting for the Back gesture. Android will release several online series on how to do optimizing for gesture navigation.

Enhance your app with Android Q features and APIs

When you’re ready with the updates, just dive into the Android Q and learn more about the newly launched features and APIs that you can use. Here are the most important features to get along with.

The recommendation made by the Android platform for every app:

Dark Themes: Make sure to deliver a consistent experience for the users who enable system-wide dark theme adjoining with a Dark theme or enabling Force Dark theme.

Support gestural navigation: Support gestural navigation in your app by going edge-to-edge and ensure the apps custom gestures are complemented with the system navigation gestures.

Optimization for foldable: Deliver smooth, seamless and cutting-edge experience by optimizing for foldable which are the innovation of the modern tech world.

The recommendation made by the Android platform if relevant for your app:

More interactive notifications: Engage users with interactive notifications and let them take action instantly by enabling notifications that include messages, enable suggested replies.

Better biometrics: Reform your apps with BiometricPrompt, the preferred way that supports fingerprint authentication on modern devices rather than using a simple Biometric authentication.

Enriched recording: Make sure your app has audio playback capture to support captioning or gameplay recording — it’s the prominent way to reach out to more users and make your app more accessible.

Better codecs: For media apps, try AV1 for video streaming and HDR10+ for high dynamic range video. For speech and music streaming, you can use Opus encoding, and for musicians, a native MIDI API is available.

Better networking APIs: Try the new network connection APIs for different functions like configuring, downloading, or printing if your app manages IoT devices over Wi-Fi.

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