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AngularJS – The Most Popular Framework in 2019


These days we are surrounded by plenty of technologies, as a result, we are experiencing different mobile application development languages. As a commoner, we might have heard these languages – Java, C#, C+, C++, SWIFT, SQL, and much more. Here I’ll be talking about AngularJS. If stats are concerned the most popular framework is AngularJS.

We all know the popularity of the AngularJS framework among JavaScript. If you’re familiar with coding you might know what we are talking about. However, most of you might not be aware of the AngularJS. Sit back and go through the lines, I will let you know everything you need to know about it.

Different AngularJS web development companies in USA/India use this framework to develop web and mobile applications. Quantumsoftech is a tech-driven AngularJS development company in India that delivers the best AngularJS web development services. AngularJS can be defined as a power-packed featured JavaScript framework which was developed and launched by the tech-giant Google. It allows developers to add on extra source code and eliminates extra code to maintain the integrity of code.

What is AngularJS?

Launched by Google in 2009, it is the most popular and widely used JavaScript framework which eventually helps developers to ease and simplify the whole development process without any superior add-ons. It has almost everything that eases the development of web page applications. There are several AngularJS development companies in the USA that is capable of providing services as per the client’s requirements.

AngularJS works on these basic building blocks:

    • HTML rendering and controllers
    • Binding and routing
    • Handling of event and error
    • Directives to gather data into HTML
    • Guidelines in order to extend HTML attributes
    • Unit testing

We can say, AngularJS helps developers to expand the operations of HTML by addition of constructs.

Where to implement AngularJS?

Several domains are there where the implementation of AngluarJS can be fruitful. It helps in the development of a great web application with the best user experience and interfaces if you are looking to bring in these types of applications in the market:

User review apps: These applications enable the user to get the desired information about the actions they are quite interested to take. It allows them to save money and look for the best solutions.

Travel and destination finder apps: JetBlue’s is the best example in this niche. AngularJS helps to develop sophisticated travel apps with dynamic features involved.

Whether updating apps: It allows the developer to create some interactive display and perform optimized live activities. Weather apps such as Weather.com are some of its great examples

Video streaming apps: It is considered as the best framework to develop video streaming apps. Netflix and YouTube is the best examples of it.

Advantages of AngularJS for app development

AngularJS application development has gained popularity in very less time.  It has emerged as the most favourite framework among front-line developers in order to create feature-rich yet simple and attractive websites. Recent version of AngularJS which was released on May 28th, 2019 which was named “Angular 8”. It features differential loading of application codes.

However, have you ever thought,  why is it so popular among the developers? Why AngularJS is chosen by the front-end developers when other options are available in the market? Here’s why developers prefer AngularJS.

Requires Less Coding: AngularJS allows the developer to code less than they usually do in other frameworks. In this, the dat models are quite simpler which requires no getters/setters. This allows manipulating the data by using the filter without any making any modification in controllers.

Both ways Dating Binding: It is considered as the most fascinating concept which allows AngularJS to get more popularity with the time. There is no need for fresh cycles for the view and model which made them prone to bugs.


Ease of Testing: In AngularJS, testing is almost a built-in function as JavaScript code needs to undergo a series of different test. It helps you to start from the bottom and allows to test every element in the course of coding.

Development of Single Page Application: With time, these are becoming pretty popular because of their responsiveness. AngularJS allows for developing a Single Page Application.

We can’t pick a particular framework and term it as the best one. Rather than doing so just pick up the advantages they serve to the developer and clients, you can choose which one is better than the rest. Having said so, it is the fact that one couldn’t resist to bring out development work with AngularJS. Reasons are the top advantages mentioned above. It is considered as a dynamic framework which offers a very engaging experience. Whyn’t use Angular then?

If you are looking to hire AngularJS developers then you should contact the leading player in this area of expertise such as Quantumsoftech.

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