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Why AngularJS development is considered one of the best?

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As far as changes are concerned in different versions of a framework, AngularJS is the one that always keeps going round and round in my head. This framework has gone under different changes between several different versions over a period of years. It is so obvious that this has upgraded the quality of the framework which has drastically changed the working of AngularJS these days.

If you’re using AngularJS now, you’ll experience drastic changes in every single component of it. The experimental MVC framework has now been a well supported stable framework. It was launched in 2009 by Google and is the most widely used and one of the most popular Javascript frameworks. AngularJS is loved by the developer because it provides ease and simplicity in the overall development process.

Because of this fact, several AngularJS web development companies in USA/India use this framework to create web and mobile applications.

Quantumsoftech is a tech-driven AngularJS development company in India that delivers the best AngularJS web development services. It has almost everything that eases the development of web applications. There are several AngularJS development companies in the USA that is capable of providing services as per the client’s requirements.

Advantages of AngularJS web development


We all are aware of the fact that AngularJS application development is popular these days without a doubt.  This framework has emerged as one of the best as it allows creating a feature-rich yet alluring and simple website. “Angular 8” the most recent version of AngularJS was released on May 28th, 2019 which featured differential loading of application codes.

You might know by now that because of its more popular developers tend to use it. But, do you know the technical reasons behind it? Here I’ll tell some of the technical benefits that attract developers to use this framework. Have a look at it.

  • Less coding is required: AngularJS allows the developer to code less than they usually do in other frameworks. In this, the dat models are quite simpler which requires no getters/setters. This allows manipulating the data by using the filter without any making any modification in controllers.
  • Development of Single Page Application: With time, these are becoming pretty popular because of their responsiveness. AngularJS allows for developing a Single Page Application.
  • Data binding in both ways: It is considered as the most fascinating concept which allows AngularJS to get more popularity with the time. There is no need for fresh cycles for the view and model which made them prone to bugs.
  • Testing is easy: In AngularJS, testing is almost a built-in function as JavaScript code needs to undergo a series of different test. It helps you to start from the bottom and allows to test every element in the course of coding.

AngularJS focus and aims to work on fast and modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 8, Android, iOS6+ etc which helps in a way to keep the codebase of AngularJS short as well as to support the latest features without any tension of backward compatibility. Due to its features, AngularJS suddenly appeared to dominate any discussion on the framework related to JavaScript.

We can’t pick a specific framework and term it as the best one. Instead of doing so simply pick up some of the advantages/benefits they bear to the developers as well as the clients, you can pick which one is superior to the rest. In fact, the reality is that developers love to work in this framework as it bears several benefits which I’ve discussed below. The mentioned reasons are enough to appreciate working and feature AngularJS yields. It is considered as a unique framework which offers a very engaging experience.

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